Submission Guidelines


1.1 All entrants must be between the ages of 17-30 years

1.2 Video Star judges reserve the right to not select candidates if they are still in the middle of a degree programme as selected candidates will be offered a one year internship program with PAK7 after attending the Media School.

1.3 Successful candidates will be producing content that promotes and inspires Christian teaching and values

1.4  All entrants must fill in an application form and provide requested references (i.e pastoral)

1.5 All candidates must be available on the following dates. 

Lahore: Feb 9th-10th
Karachi: Feb 16th-17th
Final Selection: March 17th- 30st
Media School:  June 17th-Aug 26th

Candidates must also consider internship dates prior to entering the competition:

Internship dates: Sep 2019-May 2020

1.6 The entire Video Star selection process will be filmed. Please note that most videos and candidates will appear on a T.V show which will be aired in 2020 therefore you must give consent in the application form when submitting your video.

1.7 Candidates will retain ownership of the copyright of their videos, however they must allow PAK7 full rights to use the content within the Video Star project both on and off screen.

1.8 Entrants must declare any additional help received in the production of their video

1.9 Entrants must speak Urdu to a conversational level as the TV production will be in this language.

2. Video

2.1 Videos  should be between 2 and 4  minutes including ALL titles and credits

2.2 Abusive language, violence, nudity will not be permitted

2.3 Prefered language used in videos is Urdu. However candidates may use other regional languages if they wish to do so (ie. Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtu)

2.4 Candidates must use royalty free music in their videos. If music used in your video is not original, then permission from source must be obtained. The responsibility for this rests entirely with the filmmaker. Failure to obtain clearance could result in your video being withdrawn from the Video Star Competition. In this event, Video Star (PAK7)  will not be liable to refund the fee or return the materials entered

2.5 Stock footage or clips from readymade videos are not permitted

2.6 Videos can be shot using phone cameras, tablets, professional cameras or any other filming equipment

2.7 Content should not contain bible verses, bible stories or worship songs – but rather be general in nature or demonstrate Christian values.


3.1 Videos of all genres are welcomed. For example: Documentary, drama, adventure, music

3.2  Videos must incorporate one of the following themes:

  • Traditions and Culture (for example candidates may explore food, music, regional languages or a similar topic which fits in the above category)
  • Pride in Pakistan (for example candidates may explore: Pakistani history, talent, accomplishments, heroes or a similar topic which fits in the above category)  
  • Unity (for example candidates may explore topics such as: brotherhood, peace, diversity, love or a similar topic which fits in the above category)
First selection will be based on the candidate’s application form and submitted video. However will be considering a broader range of criteria in later stages of selection. Final selection will not be exclusively on the video. Candidates will be assessed on their learning, ability to work with others, attitude, interview clips, character, etc.


4.1 Competition deadline is 28th January 2019 before midnight. Please bear in mind that the uploading process may take some time and we recommend to upload your videos at least 2 hours prior to the competition deadline in case of any technical issues

4.2 Entrants should UPLOAD their video on the day that the entry form is completed.

4.3 Video Star team will attempt to resolve any technical matter related to submission. For more information and queries contact: 

Only use this email when querying the technical aspects of your submission.

4.4 Once we have received your video, you will receive an email confirming your entry is ‘In Consideration’

4.5 Please do not send DVD’s or copies of your videos direct to us unless requested to do so.

4.6 All submissions are screened and evaluated by the Video Star Judges and their decision is final. The candidates judges wish to meet will be contacted via email or phone in the second week of Feb 2019 and invited for one day to their nearest audition points for further selection

Lahore: Feb 9th-10th

Karachi: Feb 16th-17th

After meeting selected candidates in different cities, 24 will be further shortlisted and on the following dates:  March 17th-30st

Note: This is the final shortlisting for the competition. Candidates will be assessed through various tasks for one week in a controlled environment (accommodation will be provided by Video Star). At the end of that week, 12 selected candidates will get a place on the Media School in June as well as an opportunity for an internship programme after completing the Media School.



 If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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